JR’s Journal #4

I have been mostly silent over the past couple of weeks as the world seemingly unraveled. Here at The Twilight Sloan, we hope to create an inviting place for all readers, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, etc. My goal is to create stories that appeal to a wide variety of people all over, and with characters whom people of all varieties can relate to.

My best works often do not include an explicit protagonist and antagonist. I like to play in the gray, the gritty, and the humanity of people. You, as the reader, decide who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist in my best-written works.

I’m sure some people in the future will condemn me for not taking this opportunity to speak out for change using my platform. The truth is fairly simple: I have no platform at this particular time.

All that said, I hope to create stories everyone can enjoy. These days in a volatile political landscape where people with opposing ideas are viewed as dangerous enemies, I hope to stay away from true politics, at least at this point in time, such as the national budget, the gun debate, and the like. Instead, I want to make you think. I want to make you think of your morals, your beliefs. And if the given story isn’t meant to make you think, I want to entertain you. If it’s fantasy, I want to suspend your beliefs momentarily. If it’s science-fiction, I want to push the boundaries into the unknown. If it’s horror, I want to send chills down your spine. But overall, I just want to tell a damn good story EVERYONE can enjoy.

Sincerely, JR


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