Dawn to Dusk

Doctor Rowland Webb pulled the tarp off of his creation, looking at the wires, tubes, and gears in a mass in his shed. His grandfather had once attempted this, but had not succeeded. Using those notes, Rowland had.

Grandfather Webb had been a curious type; Rowland figured it must have skipped a generation, for while his father was quite dull Rowland had followed his grandfather’s pathway into discoveries of the unknown.

Hence the reason Rowland stood here now, staring at what appeared to be a fancy chair fit for the governor of a steampunk city. Mechanical parts moved as steam spewed from a loose tube.

Sitting down on a simple chair Rowland had taken from his dining room, the Doctor smiled as he looked down at the simple mechanisms in front of him, spattered across a control panel.

“This is for you, Grandfather Webb,” Rowland said with a quick grin. Setting the panel to say nothing but zeroes across the board, he pressed the golden button.

The floor seemed to give out beneath him as he twisted at the same time, a feeling of sickness and pressure spreading over his body before a sharp pain. Stopping, a blinding light radiated; Rowland could not see the source nor where the light faded. All he could see was the white light.

Fumbling for the dials, he felt nines beneath his finger across the panel before he hit the golden button. Familiar distortion spread across his body, a feeling that could only be described as euphoria.

Rowland was swallowed in darkness, as much like dawn and dusk, the world began in light and ended in darkness.


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