JR’s Journal #5

Today marks an important day in my writing career. Today is my first official publication, which can be found at Trembling With Fear. Perhaps it’s even what brought you here, in which case I hope you like the story. There’s plenty more where that came from.

When I first submitted that story, I did not think it would be my first. Quite frankly, I had another one coming down the pipeline to the same outlet. When it came back as an acceptance I was shocked and elated. I’ve written better, I know I have. I work to prove it. As I write this, two of my best stories are out on submission to other outlets, all in hopes of another acceptance or two.

Hopefully, this story won’t be my last. I work my ass off every day to create content, whether it be in the form of short stories or my novel. I want to work for your readership and respect. That is how I live; that is how I was raised. So I hope you like what you see, and I hope you’ll consider giving me a follow and giving my fledgling career a chance. If worst comes to worst, you helped a guy out with his dreams, best case scenario, you can say you read the next big author before he was popular. Whatever your motivation is.

That’s all for now. Follow the site or the Instagram for more updates. There are exciting things coming, why don’t you hop in and follow along.

— JR


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