JR’s Journal #5

Today marks an important day in my writing career. Today is my first official publication, which can be found at Trembling With Fear. Perhaps it's even what brought you here, in which case I hope you like the story. There's plenty more where that came from. When I first submitted that story, I did not … Continue reading JR’s Journal #5


Dawn to Dusk

Doctor Rowland Webb pulled the tarp off of his creation, looking at the wires, tubes, and gears in a mass in his shed. His grandfather had once attempted this, but had not succeeded. Using those notes, Rowland had. Grandfather Webb had been a curious type; Rowland figured it must have skipped a generation, for while … Continue reading Dawn to Dusk

JR’s Journal #4

I have been mostly silent over the past couple of weeks as the world seemingly unraveled. Here at The Twilight Sloan, we hope to create an inviting place for all readers, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, etc. My goal is to create stories that appeal to a wide variety of people all over, and … Continue reading JR’s Journal #4

The Photographer

I stared at the American photographer, standing there, peering through his camera lens, as though nothing were wrong with the world. All smiles, very cheery, but was there anything to smile about in this place? Did he not see what was right in front of him? The piles of trash, the pained people, the broken … Continue reading The Photographer

JR’s Journal #1

It is quarantine day… something, so I’ve gotten around to the first of these, which will be little musings and updates from me. I have decided to write a short story a week for the next 52 weeks. Why? Because I can’t possibly write 52 consecutively shitty short stories. The odds are very much against … Continue reading JR’s Journal #1

The Back Roads

The headlights of your car sweep across the area as you round the bend, the trees bristling in the slight breeze. A white light appears ahead, just over the hill a few feet on the road you are driving along. The clock on the car’s stereo system is glowing green, the neon numbers reading 11:21. … Continue reading The Back Roads